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    The number one benefit our customers appreciate about the Eye Candy product line is how fast they can achieve detail perfection on their vehicle, in a very short amount of time, replacing a proces...


    There comes a point in a performance build where you would never even consider driving the car in the rain, let alone run a hose over it for a traditional car wash. Eye Candy has the perfect solu...

  • Leather+

    We build fast Street Cars to drive them. A lot. The more seat time you log the more wear and tear you’re going to lay down on that leather. Eye Candy Performance Car Care has developed a fantast...

  • Wheel Cleaner

    The Eye Candy Wheel Cleaner had to be something very effective yet very safe. We developed a Ready To Use product that does not need to be diluted down to “desired” levels and is safe for all...

  • Tire Shine+

    A good tire treatment was a tough challenge. MANY die hard racers swear off all tire shine and vinyl/trim/interior treatments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “don’t touch t...

  • Super Suds

    We understand both schools of thought on washing (Waterless and Traditional) have their respective benefits and applications. If the vehicle is just too soiled (covered in mud) to be comfortably w...


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