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16oz. Speed Clean

There comes a point in a performance build where you would never even consider driving the car in the rain, let alone run a hose over it for a traditional car wash.  Eye Candy has the perfect solution in Speed Clean.  Speed Clean is the safe to the finish, no hose no bucket, way to wash the medium to light duty dirt and grime from your baby in half the time. It’s specifically designed using the best micro polymers, emulsifiers, and detergents to instantly break up and lift dirt from your vehicles surface, encapsulate it, and remove it with a clean microfiber towel. This combination of ingredients INSTANTLY creates the lubricity, along with quality microfiber towels, needed to safely clean a surface “waterlessly” free of any micro scratching. Speed Clean is the perfect prep for NVRWAX and allows you to clean your vehicle in half the time as a traditional hose and bucket wash leaving a beautiful shine. Easy to use in the sun or shade.

16oz. Bottle


 We always use the two towel method, an Application Towel and a Removal Towel, and use only the finest microfiber towels available.

 Fold both towels in half 2 times making a perfect square just larger than your open hand. This gives you 8 clean pads to work with as sections of the towel become soiled. It also provides a nice even surface to work all products, giving the best result. You never want to simply ball up a towel and move product across your vehicle.

 Work one panel of your vehicle at a time with Speed Clean. Evenly coat a section just enough so that the product slightly begins to drip down the panel.

 Apply two or three sprays on to your Application Towel to ensure sufficient lubricity.

 Simply wipe away dirt and grime using a straight line method. Never circles.

 Go back with your Removal Towel, folded the same way, and easily buff of the remaining product revealing that beautiful shine again.


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