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16oz. Tire Shine+

16oz. Bottle

A good tire treatment was a tough challenge. MANY die hard racers swear off all tire shine and vinyl/trim/interior treatments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told “don’t touch the tires I don’t want anything slippery….it loses grip”. A worthy concern! Tire Shine, is still a water based emulsion, but was design specifically to be controllable during application. It is thick like a gel or lotion so you can keep the product on the wall of the tires and off the paint, rims, and brakes because you aren’t spraying it. More importantly it cures dry to the touch and does not leave an oily residue that will sling down the back of the car soon as you get rolling. We are not big fans of that super wet look so we gave it more of a satin/matt finish and it looks incredible. Tire Shine is also GREAT on interior vinyl, exterior trim, and engine compartments.


 Squeeze a small amount of product on to your applicator

 Massage product in to the desired surface evenly and allow to quickly dry


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