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16oz. NVRWAX

The number one benefit our customers appreciate about the Eye Candy product line is how fast they can achieve detail perfection on their vehicle in a very short amount of time.  It replaces a process that once took hours of work using a whole garage full of different products.

NVRWAX has bridged the gap between an array of “quick detailers” that are designed as a touch up between details.  They don’t last very long, but are quick and easy to use.  Your traditional line of waxes, sealants, and glazes are designed for long lasting shine and protection but are very labor intensive and often require machine application for the best result.

16oz. Bottle

We took all the benefits of a water based system:
 Ease of use
 Spray on, work in, buff off application
 Safe on all surfaces
 No petroleum, solvents, fillers, or VOC’s
 Fast results

And gave it the benefits of a traditional wax or synthetic sealant:
 Long lasting protection
 Deep and lustrous shine

NVRWAX uses a combination of top quality gloss enhancers and fine polishing agents. We chose water as the carrier to not only reduce application time, but to ensure that waste is limited as much as possible.  No more thick layers of products that end up primarily in your removal towel and in every crevice of the vehicle.  No more products that smear your glass and completely dry out every piece of plastic and rubber it comes in contact with.

The major product companies have trained the consumer to think they need a thick layer of product to achieve results. With today’s technology, it just isn’t necessary.

You have one product that protects and shines every surface of your vehicle including paint, glass, and chrome. You have one product that cuts your detailing time in half whether you are a commercial detailer looking to fit more vehicles in your work day or a weekend warrior looking to spend more time with the family on the weekend.  NVRWAX is the product you have been searching for.

 We always use the two towel method, an Application Towel and a Removal Towel, and use only the finest microfiber towels available.
 Fold both towels in half two times, making a perfect square just larger than your open hand. This gives you 8 clean pads to work with as sections of the towel become soiled. It also provides a nice even surface to work all products, giving the best result. You never want to simply ball up a towel and move product across your vehicle.
 Some people like to work one panel of your vehicle at a time and some like to treat about half the vehicle and come back and buff it out. Do whatever makes you happy.
 Apply two or three sprays (at the beginning of your treatment only, just to ensure lubricity) on to your Application Towel to ensure sufficient lubricity.
 Evenly spray NVRWAX directly on to your paint and chrome, just enough so the product is almost dripping down the panel.
 Massage NVRWAX in to the surface with your Application Towel using the Straight Line Method, never circles.
 NVRWAX will lightly haze up after 3-7 minutes, depending on temperature, humidity, etc…
 Once completely hazed and dry, use your Removal Towel to easily buff away the remaining product to a beautiful shine.
 Now that the paint and chrome is done, take your moist Application Towel and do each window individually at a time, removing quickly with the Removal Towel once coated


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