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Kennedy Space Center

Now we had the Wind Tunnel Results with all variables removed.  It was time to get some real world testing done. With our sister company, we developed a relationship with our nations National Aeronautics and Space Administration and drafted a Space Act Agreement.

Audi R18

Because we have such an interest in the original drag reducing coating from commercial organizations as a fuel savings tool, NASA decided that our initiatives directly coincided with some of their own and allowed us access to the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility to conduct real world aerodynamic testing on our vehicles.

Now NVRWAX is just one system we test here. We are constantly playing with splitters, diffusers, suspension set ups, engine management techniques, and new materials to increase the efficiency and performance of our vehicles. Much of what takes place here is implemented in the commercial market as efficiency and safety improvements to current vehicles.

What a success!! The product consistently improved top speeds on a number of test vehicles in before and after test controls. As you can see in the albums, the cars looked incredible too. Every car in the photo albums was prepped with Speed Clean and NVRWAX applied.

Click  Here For More Photos of Testing at NASA

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