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Eye Candy Ford GT 283.232mph World Record Video

Eye Candy / Performance Power Racing / Pandalloy – 283mph Ford GT

Performance Power Racing is an industry leading Speed Research and Development Lab with partners like Pratt & Whitney. They currently hold the Guinness World Record for Fastest Standing Mile-Street Car and trust Eye Candy Performance Care to protect and maintain a show quality appearance on show stopping vehicles.

Eye Candy World Record Ford GT Photo Gallery

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2006 Ford Gt (Supercar)

Standing Mile Speed: 283MPH
Max Speed: 340+mph
0-150mph: 7.4 seconds
Accelerating G Force: 1.3 G

Curb Weight: 3,890lbs
19mpg highway
11mpg city
3gpm full race
Fully functional A/C system
Fully functional audio system
Registered street legal daily driver

Twin turbo modular Ford v8

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